Best Smart Goggles: Form Swim vs Finis

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Smart goggles have gained traction in the market. They allow you to view your stats while swimming, so you can instantly improve your technique!

Form Swim Smart Goggles

We’re going to look at best smart goggles on the market: Form Swim Goggles and Finis Smart Goggles. Both bring unique features to the table, and we’ll take a closer look at what each has to offer to help you decide.

Form Swim Goggles vs Finis Smart Goggles

FINIS Smart Goggle
Includes1-year free trial of Premium FeaturesN/A
Available Data MetricsPace/100m, Stroke rate, Split times, Distance Per Stroke (DPS), Time, Distance, Calories burned, Heart rate (separate sensor required)Laps, Splits, Rest, Calories, Stroke Type, Stroke Rate, and more
Swim TypesPool and Open Water swimsPool and Open Water swims
SynchronizationAutomatically syncs to app for post swim analysisCiye™ app for post-workout analysis
Premium Features1500+ workouts, 30+ training plans, TrainingPeaks integration, Workout builderN/A
Warranty2 years1 year (2 years within the EU)
ReturnsFree 30-Day ReturnsFree 30-Day Returns
CompatibilityGarmin or Apple Watch to display GPS data. Compatible with Apple Health, Strava, TrainingPeaksCompatible with Apple Health, Strava, and
FeaturesReal-time metric display, AR display, motion sensorsDigital In-Goggle Display, Smart Coach, Replaceable Goggles, Head Position Feature
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The Shared Vision of Smart Goggles

Despite their differences, these goggles share some similarities. Both use an internal accelerometer to track your laps, speed, and the distance you’ve swum. They then present this data to you in a clear and straightforward way. These goggles can automatically pause your workout when you reach the wall between reps or sets. They even attempt to auto-detect your stroke type!

They come equipped with handy smartphone applications where you can review your workouts, see a breakdown of your entire workout in different sets, calculate your rest time, and keep track of your total distance.

Differences Between Finis Smart Goggles vs. Form Swim Goggles

Form Swim Goggles

Though both Finis smart goggles and Form swim goggles are excellent, there are some distinctions that you need to be aware of before buying one or the other.

Here are the main differences between the two smart goggles:


Smart goggles can really up your swimming technique as they allow you to view your stats in real-time.

Some basic metrics that are available in both Finis and Form goggles are:

  • Laps
  • Split time
  • Set time
  • Rest time
  • Stroke count
  • Distance per stroke

Yet, Form swim goggles take it one step further. They allow you to track your burned calories as well as your heart rate. Though, you’ll need to purchase a separate OH1 sensor to track your heart rate.


You need distinct modes depending on your swimming style and technique. Luckily, you can customize which metrics you see by changing the mode.

With Finis smart goggles, you can display one mode at a time. There are multiple modes available. However, the main downside is that you’re unable to customize the metrics within each mode.

Form goggles are more flexible. There are two modes; lap swim and intervals. You can switch between them while swimming!

That’s not all. You can also customize the metrics within each mode from the Form mobile application.

Mobile Application

Smart goggles aren’t just good for showing your stats in real-time. Instead, you can access and store your data through the mobile application. These applications can sync your activity to other fitness and health apps as well.

For starters, the Finis mobile application is compatible with Android and iOS. You can sync and upload your data to Strava.

The best thing about the Finis mobile application is that it’s incredibly accurate. It allows you to add your pool data for maximum accuracy. Moreover, in the case of any incorrect detection, the Finis application lets you edit your post-swim data.

Alternatively, Form can pair with numerous fitness applications including Strava, Garmin, Training Peaks, and Apple Health. The application also has guided training sessions and personalized tips to improve your swimming technique.

Battery Life

Both Finis and Form smart goggles have proprietary magnetic charging. Their battery life varies significantly, though. Finis can last for about six hours. In contrast, Form goggles last for 16 hours.

While you probably won’t be swimming for over 6 hours, there might be instances where you don’t have a charge on hand. In this case, Form goggles might be life savers!


Form Swim Goggles

Comfort can make or break your swimming technique. Luckily, that’s something both brands took into consideration. Finis and Form swim goggles come in different sizes.

Finis goggles come with six interchangeable nose bridges. Form goggles supply you with seven. So, you’ll be pretty comfortable with both. That said, the straps of Form goggles are thicker, offering more support.


Form Swim Goggles Modes

An important thing to consider when it comes to smart goggles is the display of the on-screen stats. You need to be able to read your metrics comfortably while swimming, but they shouldn’t get in the way of your vision!

Form’s display is directly in view. Some swimmers find them to be distracting. Others enjoy the accessibility. You can also switch the display from one eye to another, depending on your liking.

Alternatively, the stats of the Finis goggles are discrete! Instead of being in the middle, the readings are in the peripheral vision.

Finis Smart Swim Goggles

This can be comfortable as there are no metrics in front of you, yet it can be distracting since you have to look into your peripheral vision. Unfortunately, Finis’ display is on the left eye only.

Comparison of Anti-Fog Coating on Both Goggles

Keeping a clear vision during intense workouts is essential, and both Finis and Form smart goggles address this need with their anti-fog coatings. However, they present different levels of efficacy.

Form Swim Goggles stand out with their exceptional anti-fog properties. They use a premium, permanent anti-fog layer on the inside of the lenses, reducing the chance of fogging during workouts significantly.

On the other hand, Finis smart goggles utilize a standard anti-fog coating. While it performs adequately in reducing fog formation, it might require regular maintenance and reapplication of the anti-fog spray.


When choosing goggles, you want the lighter ones that don’t have much resistance. After all, you don’t want to slow yourself down by adding even an ounce of extra weight.

Finis smart goggles only weigh 42 grams, while Form goggles weigh 64 grams. So, both goggles are lightweight.

You might gravitate more toward the lighter Finis goggles. However, the delicate material can feel somewhat less robust, especially with the thinner straps. In contrast, Form goggles don’t have the same plastic quality. They’re built to last.


If you want professional-grade swim goggles, you don’t want to skimp out! Both Finis and Form goggles are pricey.

Form Swim Goggles Unboxing

The FORM Smart Swim Goggles cost $249. This price also includes a 1-year free trial of Premium Features. After the first year, the Premium Features cost $15 per month.

On the other hand, the Finis smart goggle kit costs $199. If you want to buy the components separately, the Smart Coach costs $165, and the replacement Smart Goggle costs $35.

Why Neither of These Goggles are World Aquatics (formerly known as FINA) Approved

While both Finis and Form Swim Goggles are packed with advanced features, it’s crucial to note that neither of these goggles are approved by the International Swimming Federation (World Aquatics, formerly known as FINA). This implies that they cannot be used in official competitive races. The absence of World Aquatics approval primarily stems from the fact that these goggles offer real-time feedback, which could provide a competitive advantage.

The Place of Smart Goggles in Triathlon Races

In the dynamic world of triathlons, where every second counts, smart goggles can play a significant role. These goggles aid in providing real-time feedback on performance, allowing triathletes to adjust their swimming strategy mid-race.

Form and Finis smart goggles, despite not being World Aquatics approved, are suitable for triathlon use due to their ability to provide valuable data and insights to the athlete in real-time. With their advanced features and impressive durability, they can significantly enhance a triathlete’s swimming leg of the race.

Final Verdict: Which Goggles Are Better?

Undoubtedly, Form swim goggles surpass Finis’ smart goggles in almost all aspects. That’s because Form goggles have more metrics, longer battery life, offer more comfort and support, are more compatible, and even cost less!

With that being said, you might prefer Finis swim goggles as they’re lightweight. Some swimmers also value the peripheral display of Finis goggles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As we conclude our comprehensive comparison and analysis of Finis and Form Smart Goggles, it’s important to address some common queries that prospective buyers and swimming enthusiasts may have. This section aims to clarify these doubts and provide deeper insights into the world of smart goggles.

Can Smart Goggles Help Improve My Swimming Performance?

Absolutely. Smart goggles provide real-time performance metrics, including lap time, distance, and speed, which can help swimmers understand their current performance level and identify areas that need improvement. They are an invaluable tool for setting and tracking progress towards personal goals, and for tweaking your technique and strategy to improve performance.

Which is More Important: Size, Fit or Display Features?

The answer depends on individual preferences and needs. If comfort is your priority, the size and fit should be your primary consideration. However, if you aim to maximally benefit from the smart features, focus on the display and associated metrics. Ideally, a balance between comfort and functionality would serve most swimmers best.

Are Smart Goggles Worth the Investment?

While the initial cost of smart goggles might seem high, their value is revealed over time. They offer a wealth of data that can be used to improve technique, monitor performance, and track progress. For anyone serious about their swimming – whether professional athletes or fitness enthusiasts – smart goggles can indeed be a worthwhile investment.

Can I Use the Form Swim Goggles for Open Water Swimming?

Yes, Form Swim Goggles are suitable for both pool and open water swimming. They are designed with special open water features and provide GPS tracking when paired with a compatible smartwatch. However, it’s crucial to remember that visibility and fit can vary based on conditions and personal preference.

What Are Some of the Main Issues Faced When Using Smart Goggles?

Common issues with smart goggles can include visibility limitations due to the placement of the heads-up display, potential discomfort from added weight, and challenges with fitting due to the extra hardware. Some users might also face difficulties in navigating the data interface or syncing with the accompanying smartphone apps.

What is the Potential for Future Developments in Smart Goggles?

The smart goggles industry is still in its early stages. Future developments can include expanded features, improved display visibility, and even AI-powered coaching. As the technology advances and the market grows, we can also expect a reduction in prices.

Which Smart Goggles Would be the Best for Long-Distance Swimmers?

Both Finis and Form smart goggles cater to long-distance swimmers with features like long battery life, open water swim tracking, and continuous heart rate monitoring. The best choice would depend on individual preferences for fit, display clarity, and specific metric tracking.

How Important is the Heads-Up Display Position in Smart Goggles?

The position of the heads-up display in smart goggles is crucial as it affects the swimmer’s field of view. It’s important to ensure that the display does not obstruct your vision while swimming.

What Are Some Popular Alternatives to Finis and Form Smart Goggles?

While Finis and Form are market leaders in the smart goggles segment, there are other options like the Vuzix Labs Smart Swim and the Holoswim Smart Swim Goggles 2. However, these alternatives vary in terms of features, price, and user experience, and might not provide the same balance of comfort, fit, and display quality.

Wrapping Up

It can be hard to compare Finis smart goggles vs Form swim goggles. The two smart goggles offer exceptional tracking and accuracy. They allow you to view basic stats such as lap time, rest time, and split distance.

Still, Form swim goggles have a couple of advantages. The design is sturdier and the straps are more comfortable. Its battery life is also longer. Some swimmers dislike the display of the goggles, as it’s in the center.

On the other hand, Form might be bulkier in comparison to Finis. The latter also offers a peripheral display, which allows you to focus on swimming.

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