Best Triathlon Swim Goggles

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As a triathlete or open water swimmer, your equipment forms an integral part of your success. The gear you choose can make or break your performance, and in an event where every second counts, ensuring you have the best equipment becomes critical.

One piece of gear that often gets overlooked, yet holds a pivotal role in your aquatic journey, is the humble pair of swim goggles. Contrary to the common notion, ‘goggles are not just goggles’ – they can differ considerably in design, fit, and purpose, offering a myriad of features tailored to your unique needs.

Best Triathlon Goggles

When it comes to triathlon or open water swimming, the requirements diverge greatly from those of conventional pool swimming. The lack of lane lines and wall focus, unpredictable water clarity, deep water conditions, sunlight and the presence of other swimmers can all contribute to a more challenging environment.

As such, your goggles need to withstand these challenges and provide clear, wide vision, comfort, and a perfect fit – enabling you to focus on the rhythm of your stroke, your pace, and your path. Selecting the right pair can be more nuanced than you might think, but once you’ve found your perfect match, you’re one stroke closer to shaving off precious seconds from your personal best.

The Best Goggles for Open Water Swimming and Triathlons in 2024

We hope this will help narrow your search so you can get back to training.
If you know what type of goggle you want, you can head right to the product review. But for those who aren’t so sure, you can read the buyer’s guide.

Best Triathlon Goggles for Open Water Swimming:

  1. Roka R1 Goggles
  2. TheMagic5 Swim Goggles
  3. Arena Cobra Tri Goggles
  4. Orca Killa 180 Swimming Goggles
  5. Aqua Sphere Kayenne
  6. HUUB Aphotic Swim Goggles
  7. Speedo MDR 2.4 Swim Goggles
  8. TYR Sport Special Ops 2.0
  9. TYR Special Ops 3.0
  10. Blueseventy Hydra Vision Goggles
  11. Zoggs Predator Flex 2.0 Reactor

Best Swim Goggles for Competition:

  1. Arena Cobra Ultra
  2. Speedo Fastskin LZR
  3. Michael Phelps (MP) XCEED Swim Goggles
  4. TYR Edge-X Racing
  5. TYR BlackHawk
  6. Speedo FastSkin3 Elite

Best Training Swim Goggles:

  1. Speedo Vanquisher 2.0
  2. Speedo Speed Socket 2
  3. TYR Socket Rockets 2.0
  4. TYR Velocity
  5. Aegend Swim Goggles
  6. TYR Nest Pro

Best Prescription Swim Goggles:

  1. Speedo Vanquisher Optical Goggles
  2. TYR Corrective Optical
  3. Aqua Sphere Eagle

Best Triathlon Goggles For Open Water Swimming

1. Roka R1 Goggles

Roka R1 Swim Goggles Review

Roka is one of the top brands for triathletes from wetsuits to swimsuits to goggles.

It’s no surprise that their latest goggles made our list.

Roka R1 make open water swimming easier, faster, and more comfortable.

Roka designed the goggles so that they have a retrosopic lens angle, which gives you wide vision whatever is ahead of you.

Roka combines comfort with enhanced security for no leaks during your swim. The protective TPR gasket is soft on the face while the firm nose bridge guarantees the goggles will stay in place.

These factors make the swim part of your race less intimidating. You’ll be able to see where you’re going and more importantly who and what is around you.

The Roka goggles are recommended for triathletes who are going into their second or third season. The goggles will last a long time and are reliable. They are especially useful for Iron Mans and Olympic distance triathletes.

The triathlon goggles will last you for seasons to come and may get you through your best season yet.

2. TheMagic5 Swim Goggles

TheMagic5 Mirror Goggles

As an avid triathlete and open water swimmer, I’ve had my fair share of swimming goggles. However, none have quite matched up to the experience offered by TheMagic5.

Open water swimming and triathlon events often require prolonged periods of swimming, and that’s where the comfort of these goggles shines. Thanks to the bespoke fit, I experienced no discomfort, even after hours of continuous use. The well-designed gasket molds perfectly around the eye sockets, eliminating the pressure points that can lead to headaches in longer swim sessions.

Transitioning from swimming to cycling in a triathlon event, comfort is paramount, and that’s another area where these goggles excel. The stretchy straps are easy to adjust and remove quickly, making transitions smoother and faster. And, despite the fast removal during transitions, I’ve never experienced any pull on my hair – a common issue with many other goggles.

The bespoke fit also ensures an impressive seal, which is crucial in open water swimming where waves and splashing can often cause other goggles to leak. In all my swims, I’ve had no instances of water intrusion, giving me one less thing to worry about while focusing on my pace and direction.

The peripheral vision provided by the angular diamond lenses is simply unmatched. In triathlon and open water swimming, being aware of your surroundings is vital for navigation and safety. With TheMagic5, I’ve been able to see other swimmers, buoys, and even wildlife without having to significantly alter my stroke or head position.

Yes, the price point is higher than average, but as a dedicated athlete, I see it as an investment in my performance and comfort. The quality and durability are commendable; my pair is still going strong after months of rigorous use.

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In conclusion, as a triathlete and open water swimmer, my experience with TheMagic5 has been nothing short of fantastic. They are not just a pair of goggles; they are a game-changer in my swimming gear.

3. Arena Cobra Tri Goggles

Arena Cobra Tri Swim Goggles Review

The Arena Cobra Tri goggles have mirrored lenses and were specifically designed for triathletes, long-distance swimmers, and avid open-water swimmers.

The goggles fit most faces since they have adjustable parts. The straps have a split-strap design so you can get the optimal fit and comfort while swimming. This ensures your goggles won’t fall off during flip turns or need to be readjusted mid-swim.

The goggles also come with interchangeable nose bridges, so the goggles can be placed properly on your face. Be sure to save the extra bridges in case one breaks!

The lenses have a unique design so that you have a clear vision and can sight clearly. The lenses “repel” droplets of water from staying on your goggles. This means when you sight during a race, you might have a better chance of spotting the buoy the first time. Instead of sighting a handful of times for one buoy. You can get back to swimming.

The goggles have mirrored tint lenses which are great for the majority of weather and water conditions you might find yourself in. It reduces glare on the water on sunny days and is ok for overcast days since it doesn’t darken your vision too much.

The goggles have the “reactivation” design so that if the anti-fog film starts to wear-off, all you need to do is swipe the inside of your goggles. This will keep your goggles “clean” longer than other brands.

Swimmers who have bought this pair of goggles because they have a slim design that doesn’t squeeze their faces. The goggles don’t leak and triathletes can rely on them for long swims in the pool or even for Ironman races. The sighting is much easier with these goggles since water droplets don’t “muddy” up the field of vision. Most triathletes just need to sight a buoy once or twice before they go back to swimming their stroke.

I’d recommend these goggles to any distance and level of triathlete. You can rely on these for a couple seasons before you might need a new pair. Sighting is much easier with these but you’ll still need to practice before your race day.

4. Orca Killa 180 Swimming Goggles

Orca Killa 180 Review

The Orca Killa 180 goggles have an ergonomic fit to give swimmers and triathletes the best swimming experience.

The fit itself makes the 3D-designed gaskets fit perfectly on your face without putting pressure on your eyes. All while not letting water leak into your goggles.

The goggles reduce pressure since it was designed with Ultra Fuse which has TPE rubber. This rubber is used in the lens construction and makes it soft on your face, which makes it comfortable.

The fit also stays in place once you make all the necessary adjustments. You can put on your goggles and just start swimming. You won’t need to stop mid-swim to adjust your goggles or even wipe the fog from your goggles.

The clip strap makes it easy to make adjustments and the straps have micro adjustments so you’ll get a nearly perfect fit. The straps are made of silicone which is soft and gentle on your head and can last a long time.

The field of vision is wide and is ideal to use for open-water swimming races and triathlons. You’ll be able to sight the buoys on the race course and other people in the water. It might make open-water swimming less nerve-wracking and more fun.

Unfortunately, the goggles only come with one nose band size, which limits the goggles to one type of head size and shape.

The lenses are offered in blue, clear, mirrored, and mirrored with orange straps. All these lens tints are good options for open-water swimming. If you like the goggles, it might be in your best interest to buy multiple pairs in different tints. Not right away but as you slowly become more involved in the sport.

Swimmers who have bought the goggles like them because they are simple in design and the most useful and effective ones on the market. The goggles have the lens tints for the most common weather and water conditions. Many triathletes who like one pair will buy another one in a different tint.

I highly recommend this pair of goggles and even encourage you to buy multiple pairs if you like it. The company really thought about what’s needed for triathletes and kept it simple and effective. All which makes race day less nerve-wracking then it needs to be.

5. Aqua Sphere Kayenne

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles Review

Aqua Sphere Kayenne is a good choice for people who practice in open water regularly. Or, just want to wear their open-water goggles indoors.

The goggles have multiple lens colors available (clear, smoke, mirrored, and polarized) so you can be prepared for any condition you might swim in.

The goggles have a curved lens to give you a clear vision that eliminates any distortions. This would make it a good pair to practice sighting in.
To adjust the straps, the goggles have a push buckle system that makes adjusting really quick and simple. The strap has micro adjustments so you can get the perfect fit on your first swim.

The goggles have an oversized lens that gives you a nearly 180-degree field of vision and is comfortable to wear.

The goggles’ lens is made with UVA/UVB protection so your eyes will be safe on even the sunniest days in the water. Additionally, the goggles also are designed with anti-fog film that will give you clear vision in the water.

The lenses are made from plexisol which makes them stronger and more durable than other options on the market. You can rely on them for a while.

The goggles have a “medium-eye” fit which means that the lenses sit in the middle of your eye orbital. If you’re tired of “raccoon eyes” this fit eliminates that and keeps the goggles from leaking.

The only drawback is the size. The goggles are bulky and create more drag in the water compared to other goggles available. If you’re a decent swimmer, the goggle size may not matter so much.

The goggles’ size prevents some swimmers from wearing the brand. But, be assured that the design team is trying to create new sizes so that all face shapes can wear the goggles.

I’d recommend this goggle if you’re training in the open-water frequently and need to see objects in the water or people on shore.

6. HUUB Aphotic Swim Goggles

HUUB Aphotic Swim Goggles Review

The HUUB Aphotic Swim Goggle made our list for its innovative technology: photo chromatic.

HUUB designed its lens to self-regulate no matter what type of condition you’re swimming in. The lens takes the worry about swimming towards the sun or in rainy or fog during a race.

The lens will become lighter or darker without you noticing which makes spotting and seeing obstacles easier than ever before.

The goggles fit like a glove since it’s made of silicon and TPR which makes them comfortable and weigh like a feather.

Overall, this pair of goggles combines the features of the previous ones-wide lenses, comfort, and lightness- with photo chromatic technology.

This goggle is recommended for your first triathlon. If you’re not used to spotting in open water, it will make swimming less intimidating. If you’re a veteran triathlete this is a good option if you want to change your set-up without breaking the bank.

7. Speedo MDR 2.4 Swim Goggles

Speedo MDR 2.4 Swim Goggles Review

Speedo, unlike other brands, decided to focus this goggle on the outer-eye gasket fit. While it does make the goggles look “chunky” compared to other products, it does give you a wide field of vision.

Since the focus is placed on the outer-eye gasket fit there’s more room for a wider lens so you can easily sight during a race. The comfort is still the same you’ll get from other Speedo brands and you’ll be assured that no water will leak into the goggles with the secure gasket.

The fit reduces or eliminates any pressure you might feel around your eyes and even helps prevent having goggle marks around your eyes after a swim.

The goggles have clear sight technology which prevents your eyes from feeling fatigued after long hours in the water. This means objects won’t become distorted after hours in the pool.

The goggles have Speedo’s Speed Fit clips on its goggles straps for easy and quick adjustments, even if you need to make them mid-swim. Unfortunately, this pair of goggles don’t have interchangeable nose bridges.

The lenses come in a mirrored tint so it reduces glare on the water and helps you sight buoys on the swim course or if you’re just out for an open-water practice.

Swimmers who have bought the goggles like them because it has a great fit and keeps water from leaking in. Some have complained that the strap sometimes slips because the top of the straps is just a flat rubber band. The goggles do start to fog but most report it’s at a slower rate than other brands. In the open water, triathletes say the goggles work really well and it perfectly reduces glare on the water.

I recommend these goggles to those who need a good fitting pair of goggles and like the Speedo brand and design features.

8. TYR Sport Special Ops 2.0

TYR Special Ops 2.0 Swimming Goggle Review

Not your everyday pool goggle, TYR Sport Special Ops 2.0 Polarized goggles were made with the triathlete in mind. Polarized lenses protect the eyes during outdoor pool and open water swimming, reducing glare, squinting, and headaches. With a wider fit than pool goggles, allowing for greater visibility, these goggles are comfortable and lightweight, perfect for long swims while DURAFIT gaskets ensure no leakage.

These are large-fitting one-size-fits-all goggles and are not the best choice for smaller or more narrow faces. Children’s sizes are available. Adults with especially small facial features may find more success with the children’s version of these goggles.

These goggles are ideal for those that compete with contact lenses due to the DURAFIT technology ensuring a comfortable fit without letting water in, even in choppy waters.

9. TYR Special Ops 3.0

TYR Special Ops 3.0 Goggles Review

The TYR Special Ops 3.0 goggles are 3-inches wide and 3-inches tall which gives you a huge window to see everything around you. In fact, you might not need to pick your head up while sighting. You could use “alligator” eyes and scan the surface for a quick check.

The lenses have TYR’s classic durafit silicone gaskets which provide a durable and comfortable design to cushion against your face. And, it won’t feel like there’s any pressure while you’re swimming. The gasket is hypo-allergenic so you won’t get a race around your eyes.

The lenses are polarized which reduces a lot of the glare you get from the surface of the water. This helps you sight buoys and other people in the water. Coupled with the wide peripheral lenses, it makes open-water swimming easier and it will make swimming in a straight line easier.

Additionally, the lenses have an anti-fog film so you’ll have clear vision for even longer.

Triathletes who have bought this pair of goggles like it because they fit well without putting pressure on their eyes. Most say it’s one of the best goggles for long-distance and open-water swimming. The goggles provide clear vision and don’t fog up mid-swim. And, this feature is important for triathletes who participate in Ironman or ultra-distance triathlons.

I recommend these goggles since they fit well and won’t become foggy during a swim. Any “type” of triathlete can use them, but if you’re racing long-distance these might help you. You won’t need to interrupt your swim to de-fog or adjust your goggles.

10. Blueseventy Hydra Vision Goggles

Blueseventy’s Hydra Vision Polarized

Blueseventy’s Hydra Vision Polarized goggles are the top rated for an all-around goggle.

If you want to use them for a triathlon, open-water swim practice, or a swim in the pool, this might be the goggles for you.

This is especially true if you’re a beginner triathlete and trying to save money. The Roka goggles are great, but only if you’re using it for open water swimming and competing.

Many beginner triathletes become nervous in open-water because of limited visibility, which makes finding a pair of goggles hard.

Blueseventy designed the goggles’ nose strap to ensure the curved lens sits close to your face. The lens’ design gives you a wide view with its anti-fog technology wherever you choose to swim.

The goggles’ technology emphasizes clear and wide visibility, which makes it ideal if you’re new to open water swimming. You’ll be comfortable transitioning from pool to open-water swimming and be a pro in no time.

These goggles are recommended for beginner to intermediate triathletes. Once you become more serious about the sport, these can be a reliable backup option.

11. Zoggs Predator Flex 2.0 Reactor

Zoggs Predator Flex 2 Reactor Swim Goggles Review

Superb visibility and a flexible, 4 Flexpoint Technology™ frame are the hallmarks of Zoggs Predator Flex swim goggles. Comfort is reinforced through silicone, split-yoke silicone straps, reducing eye pressure. Flex Point Frame Technology molds the goggle to the face to prevent leakage and provide maximum comfort during longer competitive swims.


Configurations for lenses include anti-glare and mirrored, allowing for distraction-free swims and maximum eye protection during competition. Curved Lens Technology provides a clear, 180-degree view of surroundings, eliminating tunnel vision. Durable and strong silicone straps are easily adjustable.
Note that these are not the ‘Polarized Ultra’ product. As such, these goggles do not include any polarization in the lenses.

Zoggs Predator Flex goggles may be the ideal choice for those with hard-to-fit facial features.

Best Swim Goggles for Competition

1. Arena Cobra Ultra

Arena Cobra Ultra Goggles Review

The Arena Cobra Ultra goggles are one of the best for competitive swimmers and those who do a handful of indoor triathlons a year.

The company offers a limited selection of lens tints for you, which is why I’d recommend only using these for indoor or outdoor pool use. You might find yourself unprepared if you only rely on these for your outdoor triathlons.

Having said that the lens tints that are offered do a great job of creating the best vision for its purpose.

What really sets this pair of goggles apart from the other brands is the anti-fog technology.

Remember, with other brands, the anti-fog film works really well but only for a while. And, then the film wears off and you’re back to “home remedies” so you can see well in the water.

Arena created an anti-fog technology that can be reactivated when you feel that your goggles are getting foggy too often. Arena’s goggles have anti-fog film that can’t be scratched or damaged, which is what limits the life of it.

To reactivate the anti-fog film, all you need to do is swipe your finger over the lens as you’d clean them. You need to swipe the inside of your lenses when they’re in the water and then you’re good to go! Just be sure there’s not any debris in your goggles when you do this.

The lenses are made from polycarbonate materials, which prolongs the life of the goggles. The material is shatter resistant and gets fewer scratches than other lenses. This would be ideal if you don’t carry your goggles in a case.

Swimmers who have bought it say that the price is worth all the technology behind the goggles. The fit is very comfortable and it’s easy to adjust the straps and nosepiece if needed. Most swimmers, who spend at least an hour in the pool, don’t need to “de-fog” the goggles mid-workout. The only warning is that the lens tint can be too much in low-lighting settings and there isn’t a tint that’s great for very sunny days.

I’d recommend this pair of goggles to anyone who considers themselves an avid swimmer and gets in the pool several times a week.

2. Speedo Fastskin LZR

Speedo Fastskin LZR Swim Goggles Review

The Speedo Fastskin LZR is one of the most unique and customizable racing goggles you can buy.

The goggles have a low-profile that reduces drag in the water and keeps you feeling smooth and comfortable in your stroke. The lens is named “hydroscopic” which gives you a 180-degree field of vision. This means you can waste less energy turning your head to see other swimmers in the water. And more energy swimming and staying strong in your stroke.

Speedo’s IQfitTM technology gives you a comfortable and secure fit after you make all the necessary adjustments. And, you’ll be sure to have a leak-free swim and not have any marks around your eyes afterward. The goggles come with three different nose bridges so you can get the best fit possible.

The goggles also have “side arm stabilizer” which helps reduce the tension you might feel during flip turns and dives off the starting blocks.

Overall, these goggles reduce drag and distractions so you can focus on what matters most: swimming and staying strong in the water.

Swimmers who have bought these love them because they feel comfortable in the water. And the goggles really “take care” of little distractions such as tension felt during a flip turn and “wasted” energy looking for other swimmers. The fit is great and feels comfortable and the anti-fog really works. Very few complaints about vision with these goggles.

I’d recommend this pair of goggles to those who want a high-performance pair with all the latest technologies. Speedo has thought of nearly everything to make your swimming and racing experience the best it can be. Of course, they are always improving so look out for a newer version in the years to come.

3. Michael Phelps (MP) XCEED Swim Goggles

MP XCEED Swim Goggles Review

The MP Xceed is top of the line and made using the ideas from the world’s top swimmers, Michael Phelps.
You can be assured that every detail has been well thought out and was intended to help you swim well and have the best experience in the water.

For starters, the goggles are designed in four different lens tints (titanium mirrored lens, mirrored lens, smoke lens, and clear). Each was designed for any type of pool you might swim in and even if you swim in open water.

The goggles can be adjusted to nearly any head type. It has an easy-to-use adjustable head strap. The straps have a head buckle made from hydrodynamic materials for easy last-minute adjustments. The straps stay securely on your head without over-squeezing. The silicone materials easily “grip” your swim cap without bunching it up.

The goggles can also be adjusted to your face shape easily with its interchangeable nose pieces which can also be replaced if broken.

The goggles have a curved lens that was specially made for the MP brand that gives you a wider field of vision. This helps you waste less energy spotting the wall and your competitors in the water. For open water swimmers, this helps you waste less time looking for buoys while your spotting.

And finally, all the titanium lenses are finished with a titanium metal coating to protect your eyes from the sun and reduce glare on the water. The mirrored lens reduces glare sunny conditions for the most visibility. The smoked lens reduces the amount of light you see in really bright conditions. And, clear is best used for overcast and dim days.

Triathletes who have bought the goggles like them because they fit very well and the lenses were well-designed for a wide field of vision. Some say that the suction could be a little better and the ant-fog like other brands will wear off after a couple months of heavy swimming. The curved goggles give triathletes peripheral visions which are great but do take a while to get used to. Afterward, most see the advantage of them.

I’d recommend this pair for training and indoor triathlons and any swim meet. But, I wouldn’t take them to a triathlon during the race season. The suction is “iffy” according to reviews and you want the best on your race days.

4. TYR Edge-X Racing

TYR Edge-X Racing Goggles Review

The TYR Edge-X Racing goggles are sleek and are designed to help you swim faster in the water and set new personal records.

The goggles come with a standard goggle strap to keep your goggles on securely and can be adjusted if needed. Although most users recommend putting a bungee cord strap on the goggles instead.

The goggles, either unfortunately or fortunately, only are designed with a dark mirrored tint. This would be best used for bright sunny days in open-water or if you’re swimming in a brightly lit indoor pool. Otherwise, you can only use this pair in a couple different conditions.

The lens also has an anti-fog coating so that you can see through the lenses on muggy days. Of course, this coating has a life-span and afterward must be taken care of so you can still use the goggles.

Although the goggles look small and sleek, they do offer a wide field of vision to help you sight. Of all the goggles with a “wide” field of vision, this one is narrowest. It places more emphasis on being hydrodynamic in the water rather than sighting the wall and other swimmers.

Finally, the goggles are made with durafit silicone gaskets. This places the goggles close to your eyes without “suffocating” them. And it keeps the water out while you’re swimming.

Swimmers who have bought them have mixed reviews about it. Most like them because they are made from a reputable brand. But there are so many limitations with the goggles. For one, they only come in one lens tint which means you can’t wear them all the time. Some report that the goggles fall out of place after diving in the water or flip turning fast.

5. TYR BlackHawk

TYR Blackhawk Swim Goggles Review

The TYR BlackHawk racing goggles were made for those who are serious lap swimmers who also like to do triathlons.

The goggles have a low-profile to reduce drag in the water and keep the goggles close to your eyes. Of course, without squeezing your eyes too tightly.

The lenses have a mirrored tint, which darkens your surroundings. It’s best used for very bright days for outdoor pools or for open-water practice. It might feel disorienting if you use them in dimly or poorly light indoor pool areas. Otherwise, they work well to keep the sun out of your eyes outside.

The lenses are made with polycarbonate materials which makes them nearly shatter resistant. Of course, it’s better if you use a carrying case for your goggles between them. And, rinse them so that the anti-fog film doesn’t wear out quickly.

The goggles’ Durafit silicone gaskets allow the goggles to be comfortably placed close to your face. And, the material is hypoallergenic so you won’t get a rash around your eyes.

This pair has a wide field of vision and even offers peripheral which is ideal for triathletes racing or just training in open-water. This pair does have wider lenses compared to the previously reviewed TYR goggles.

Swimmers who have bought them like it because TYR is a reputable brand that can be reliable. Most say that the goggles do a good job of keeping water out of their eyes and the anti-fog works well as long as they take care of their gear between swims. The tint works well for bright sunny days without clouding your vision too much. And, is not too overpowering for indoor pools. The goggles give great peripheral vision, but the forward field is something to be desired. Most say they have a hard time sighting with this pair of goggles.

I’d recommend these goggles for training in a pool. But, I wouldn’t put these in my race day bag, even for a back-up pair.

6. Speedo FastSkin3 Elite

Speedo FastSkin3 Elite Swim Goggles Review

Speedo added a couple new features to its FastSkin line to make it “Elite” and stand above other goggles similar to it.

For starters, Speedo patented its own IQ Fit Technology, which includes a 3D seal and strap for the best fit for any face and head shape. The seal was designed to perfectly outline every curve around your eyes. This helps water stay out and your goggles stay in place even during starts and turns.

Speedo even patented the strap for this pair of goggles which has a tension scale to ensure that you get the best fit every time you swim. This strap requires less tension so you can comfortably swim for as long as you want.

The inner part of the goggles is low-profile so that the goggles rest close and snug against your face.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Speedo if they didn’t add anti-fog and UV protection to the goggles, which makes the pair all the better.

Swimmers who have bought this pair of goggles absolutely love them. For one, they like it because it was made by Speedo, which is one of the top brands for swimmers. Two, the goggles don’t need to be readjusted mid-swim, even for open-water swimming. And, the visibility is fantastic; there are very few complaints about the anti-fog, except when the film wears off. Finally, the fit is comfortable and can be worn for hours in the pool.

I highly recommend this pair of goggles for both indoor and open-water swimming and even racing.

Best Training Swim Goggles

1. Speedo Vanquisher 2.0

Speedo Vanquisher 2 Review

Speedo is regarded as one of the best swimming brands out there and this product doesn’t fall short of its reputation.

The Vanquisher 2 goggles are available with a mirrored lens option, which helps reduce brightness on the water. This would be a good option to use both indoors and outdoors.

Additionally, the goggles also have an anti-fog film that keeps the lenses crystal clear for a long time.

The goggles have a sleek and low profile which keeps the goggles snug against your eyes. This feature actually, gives you the widest field of vision for a competitive swimmer’s goggles.

Like other goggles on the market, this one does have UVA/UVB protection to keep your eyes healthy when you swim outdoors.

Other features that make this pair versatile are the customization options. This pair of goggles comes with four different noseband widths. So no matter what your face shape and size is, you’ll be able to wear these goggles.

Triathletes who have these goggles like them because they are versatile and can be used both in a pool and in open water. This is great for those beginner triathletes who aren’t ready to own multiple pairs of goggles, yet. The anti-fog film works very well but will wear out from just using the goggles. Triathletes still keep the goggles and use different methods (as discussed earlier) to keep the lenses clean. The goggles are not polarized, which can be a disadvantage depending on what you feel comfortable with. Like other goggles, the straps can break, but most triathletes replace the straps with bungee cords.

I’d recommend this pair of goggles to any level triathlete who wants a versatile pair they can use both for pool and open water practices. They are great and will hold up for a long time.

2. Speedo Speed Socket 2

Speedo Speed Socket 2 Review

Compared to the Speedo Vanquisher, the Speedo Speed Socket was designed with open water swimmers and triathletes in mind.

The main features include mirrored lenses, curved lenses, anti-glare lenses, anti-fog film, and UVA/UVB protection.

If you’ve owned the Speedo Speed Socket 1.0, then you’ll be familiar with the fit, since it hasn’t changed to the newest version.

The newest version designed its lenses to be curved so that you’ll get a wide field of vision which includes better peripheral vision. As a triathlete, this would help you sight not only what’s in front of you, but also avoid the person swimming next to you. Or, even other objects in the water.

As mentioned before, mirrored lenses help reduce brightness on the water and increases visibility through the lenses. And, it is great to use on sunny open water practice days.

Like the speedo vanquisher, this pair also comes with interchangeable nose bands so anyone can wear these goggles.

Swimmers who have bought this pair of goggles like it because it’s designed for open water swimming with all the technologies of Speedo’s competition goggles. The field of vision is adequate and helps swimmers see buoys, people, and objects in the water. The straps on the goggles feel very secure and most do not have to worry about them breaking before a race. Having said that, many triathletes, out of nerves, will sometimes just put a pair of bungee cord straps on just in case. Triathletes say that the mirrored lenses do a great job of reducing light and the anti-glare technology works well too.

I recommend this pair of goggles to any triathlete who likes Speedo products but want one that is designed specifically for open-water and triathlon races. You’ll be able to “relax” on race day knowing you can rely on a reputable brand.

3. TYR Socket Rockets 2.0

TYR Socket Rockets 2.0 Review

TYR Socket Rockets 2.0 is one of the sleekest goggle designs you’ll find on the market.

The goggles are made so you can go fast in the water without questioning where the wall or the next swimmer is. The goggles have a low-profile design that creates the least amount of drag in the water.

The goggles are made with hypoallergenic duralift silicone gaskets that are comfortable to wear for long practices and keep the water from leaking the entire time. The best part: this is durable and you can use these goggles for a couple seasons before ”retiring” them. If you have sensitive skin, the pair of goggles might be considered. You can have a high-quality pair that doesn’t create a rash around your eyes.

The goggles are offered with both mirror and non-mirrored lenses, so if you like the brand, you can “safely” buy both pairs. And, know they will fit and will work for you.

Swimmers who have bought this pair like them because they are comfortable and easy to adjust. Unlike Speedo-branded goggles, swimmers adjust the nose band by pulling the rubber nose strap. It makes it more comfortable for narrow noses and most can get a better fit. The rubber on the sides of the goggles make them really comfortable, which might be a good option for long course triathletes.

I’d recommend this pair of goggles if you need a pair that can be easily adjusted without swapping out parts and are comfortable to wear. The mirrored lenses are quite dark so I recommend buying the non-mirrored for indoor swimming and buying a second pair for open-water.

4. TYR Velocity

TYR Velocity Swim Goggles Review

The TYR Velocity is similar to Speedo’s Vanquisher goggles. Both have a sleek design and are made to reduce drag in the water.

The goggles come in both mirrored and non-mirrored versions, both are affordable prices. So if you’re hesitant about owning more than one pair, TYR might make it easier on your wallet.

The nose straps are adjusted like Speedo with different nosebands than can be interchanged if one doesn’t suit you. Just be sure to save a few for back-up in case one breaks.

Both the mirrored and non-mirrored versions have anti-fog film that will help keep your lenses clear for a long time. Just be sure to take care of them between swims which will help prolong the life of the goggles in general.

Different from the vanquishers, this pair of goggles has wide-peripheral vision that will help you spot buoys, people, and objects in the water.

The lenses have UVA/UVB protection so you can use them when you swim outdoors during the summer. Like other brands, TYR makes this brand in clear, blue/purple/clear, smoke, and smoke black lenses. This wide selection will help you have the best goggle no matter what condition you’re swimming in.

Like other TYR goggles, it was made with silicone gaskets to prevent leaks and double silicone straps so your head feels comfortable while securing your goggles on your face.

Triathletes like these because they work really well in terms of keeping water out, staying secure, and having a good fit. Others like it because there are many lens options to choose from at a reasonable price. Most will buy multiple pairs after liking the first one. They always have a pair for the weather condition.

I recommend this pair of goggles if you want a pair similar to Speedo Vanquishers but at a lower price point. TYR has most of the same technologies that you can rely on for a long time. Like Speedo, TYR offers the goggles with different lens options, which is great. Once you find a brand that works, you can buy more products from it.

5. Aegend Swim Goggles

Aegend Swim Goggles Review

The Aegend goggles are an all-around favorite among triathletes and swimmers alike.

And, it’s for good reason.

The goggles offer lenses in three different colors, have anti-fog film, are comfortable to wear, and don’t leak. The goggles come in different sizes so that it can fit kid swimmers up to adults or even those who have really small or large heads.

The anti-fog works great and is the latest in technology so that it doesn’t cause a rash on your face. As long as you rinse the goggles after each swim the film should last a long time. Additionally, the lenses have UV protection so you can wear them at outdoor pools and in open water.

The lenses are made from polycarbonate which makes them very strong and shatter-resistant. If you forget your carrying case, your goggles might be ok bouncing around in your bag. Having said that, each pair of goggles comes with its own case so they’ll stay protected between each swim.

The lenses are offered in mirrored, tinted, and clear colors to suit general weather and water conditions you might experience. Unfortunately, the company has not come out with polarized lenses yet.

The lens size itself is quite wide which gives you a wide field of vision but for very small children the goggles aren’t the best choice. The wide lenses can help you sight buoys on the swim course or just look out for objects in the water.

The last feature to mention in the strap. Unlike other goggles’ straps that slip over your head, this one is fastened with a clip in the back. This prevents the straps from getting tangled when you take off your goggles. And, it is very comfortable and secure to wear. However, bungee cords straps cannot be put on this pair of goggles. So once you break them, you’ll need to buy a new pair.

Swimmers who have bought the goggles like it because the lens size is very wide and provides a good range of vision for open water swimming. Additionally, the brand offers several lens tints that work with the majority of weather and water conditions. This simplifies things and triathletes don’t need to bring five pairs of goggles with them. In the water, the goggles fit very nicely and keep the water out. The anti-fog film lasts a long time if the goggles are properly taken care of.

I’d recommend this pair of goggles to those who want a pair with a wield field of vision and has anti-fog. The only drawbacks I foresee are the strap and the limited number of lens options. When the strap breaks, you can’t put a bungee cord on it. And, there may be a weather condition that the lenses don’t cater to.

6. TYR Nest Pro

TYR Nest Pro Review

The TYR Nest Pro goggles were inspired by the Beijing “Bird’s Nest” Olympic stadium and were designed to keep water out and sighting easy while you swim in open-water.

The goggles were designed with anti-fog film that lasts longer than other brands so that the lenses retain clear vision without the need for special sprays. The anti-fog was embedded in the design so it won’t easily wear off after a couple months in the pool.

The goggles have a unibody fit so that it fits the majority of faces. But if you feel like your face is on either extreme this goggle might not fit you, unfortunately.

The straps have a varied strength so that you get pressure and security where you need it and comfort where it’s most welcome. The straps wrap around the side of your head and the back has flat straps so it securely stays in place while you swim.

The frame of the goggles has a “nest” like grid that is supposed to add more support to your face while you swim.

Swimmers who have bought this pair of goggles like them because they are comfortable to wear, don’t leave marks on their faces and don’t leak water. Compared to the other TYR goggles in this section, these ones do fog up more, but this one has the “nest” design going for it.

I’d recommend these for indoor or outdoor pool swimming, but not for open-water swimming. You’re better off with the TYR optical since they offer more benefits for triathletes and open water swimmers.

Best Prescription Swim Goggles

1. Speedo Vanquisher Optical Goggles

Speedo Vanquisher Optical Goggle Swim Goggles Review

The Speedo Vanquisher Optical goggles give you all the advantages of Speedo with your glasses prescription.

This would be ideal for people who wear glasses and don’t feel comfortable wearing contact lenses in the pool. This will make seeing the time clock easier and you might even feel more comfortable in open water.

This pair is similar to the Elite FastSkin, but does not have the IQ Fit Technology. It does have an inner eye gasket to keep the goggles snug against your face. And, it helps keep the water out. The lenses also have anti-fog film and have UVA protection for outdoor training and racing. The lenses have a wide panoramic design so you can easily sight buoys on a swim course or just keep tabs on your competitors.

The goggles have a standard yet strong strap to keep your goggles on your face. And, you won’t need to readjust it mid-swim. Although, many triathletes have put bungee cords straps on to be on the safe side.

The lenses can be corrected for those with classes starting at -1.50 through -8.0

Swimmers who have bought this pair of goggles like it because it fits well like the Vanquisher line of Speedo goggles with the corrective lenses of glasses. Most swimmers can swim with contact lenses but if a drop of water gets into their goggles, their eyes dry up. Or, the contact lens comes out if their goggles leak. This suffices and people can see without the fear of drying out their eyes or losing a contact lens mid swim.

I recommend this pair of goggles to those who want a pair of corrective goggles with the technologies of Speedo backed behind it.

2. TYR Corrective Optical

TYR Corrective Optical Swim Goggles Review

TYR created the corrective optical goggles for adults who don’t want to risk using contact lenses in the water.

The goggles are very basic in terms of “extra” features offered. For example, it doesn’t have the optimal fit or the sleekest and lowest profile design. Most of the design effort is used to ensure you can see well without using your contact lenses.

This doesn’t mean that in years to come, TYR will upgrade its prescription goggles. This would be “extra” features such as a variety of lens tints, sleek and low profile and optimal fit attributes.

This pair of goggles was designed with a “universal” eye socket fit so that it fits most faces and head shapes. But, as mentioned before the goggles weren’t designed to reduce drag in the water or optimize your field of vision.

The lenses do have UVA protection since it was made with polycarbonate materials, which also makes them shatter resistant.

Additionally, the lenses also have anti-fog technology which works well so long as you take care of your goggles between swims.

The goggles have corrective diopters ranging from -2.0 through -8.0

Swimmers who have purchased these goggles like them because they fit adequately and can fit most middle of the ground glasses prescriptions. There’s nothing too special about these goggles, but they get the job done well and can be relied on.

I recommend this pair of goggles for training and open water swimming. I’d be hesitant to use them in competition since they don’t have all the features of other goggles. They would make for a good back up pair.

3. Aqua Sphere Eagle

Aqua Sphere Eagle Swim Goggles Review

Aqua Sphere Eagle goggles are another brand and model that are very basic. The most “high tech” design is the corrective lenses.

All other features are enough to keep the goggles on your face and the water out of your eyes.

The goggles have what the company calls “medium eye fit”, which lets the goggles rest around the middle of your eye. This reduces or eliminates any pressure you might have felt with other goggles. This means you can tighten the goggles as much as you need without the discomfort.

Opposed to other brands and models, this pair has straps that have a buckle to adjust the length. This makes it easier and more precise than other options. However, this means it’s harder to replace the strap once it’s broken, even with a bungee cord.

The lenses are anti-fog and anti-scratch, which does hold up for a long time, but still isn’t the best you can get.

The real feature, of course, is the corrective lenses. The lenses can be adjusted by half increments and start at -1.5 and go to -6.0.

Swimmers who have bought the goggles like them because they fit well and support most corrective lens prescriptions.

I recommend these for training but not necessarily racing. It doesn’t have the best field of vision for open water swimming and sighting.

Triathlon and Open Water Swim Goggles — Ultimate Guide

Best swim goggles for triathlon

A pair of goggles is one of the most important pieces of training equipment for the swim portion of a triathlon.

They help you see the bottom of the pool, judge the distance between you and the wall, and avoid other swimmers.

In open water, goggles help you spot “sight” and “turn” buoys on the course and avoid bumping into other athletes on the course.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Swim Goggles

If you weren’t on a swim team as a kid, it might be hard for you to pick the right pair of goggles and know how it should fit correctly.

Colors and Sizes

When you’re looking at a rack of goggles or even online, you’ll see that goggles now come in an array of colors and sizes.

And, while it may seem like it’s only for aesthetic reasons, there is more thought behind the design of each type of goggle.
In a different section, I’ll go into more detail why goggles have different tints, colors, and shapes. And it mainly has to do with functionality reasons.

For goggles, it’s more important to choose one that fits your face and suits your swimming needs than the look of it.

The Fit

Not sure if the goggles will fit your face?

It’s an easy “test” to figure it out, especially if you’re in a store.

Take the goggles of the box and put them on over your eyes. If the goggles stick for a few seconds, then the goggles provide enough suction. This also means the goggles will keep out water while you’re swimming.

Lens Tint

I’ll go into more detail in the following section.

But to put it simply, the goggle lenses come in a spectrum of lens tints that range from clear to mirrored.

And, which one you pick heavily depends on where you’ll be doing most of your swimming.

If you’re going to be swimming mostly indoors, you have more options to choose from. But it’s best to stay away from mirror lenses so you can see where you’re going.

If you’re going to be swimming outdoors, it might be best to have a couple pairs handy. This will give you the best vision in the water and protect your eyes. For sunny days in the water, a pair of mirrored lenses would be good to keep the sun out of your eyes. And, for low light swims, you’ll want either a blue or red tint to bring out objects in water and on-shore.

Goggle Size and Shape

The goggle’s size and shape affect your field of vision and the overall swimming experience.

Generally, goggles designed for the pool are sleek in design and have a narrow field of vision. This is to help reduce the drag and focus on objects and other swimmers close by.

However, competitive goggles for swimmers might not be the best choice for triathletes.

For triathlons, you’ll need, at some point, a pair of goggles with a wide field of vision. This will help you spot buoys, swim in a straight line, and avoid getting hit.

Finding a pair of open water goggles that work for you might take more time than the ones you found for lap swimming.

You’ll want a pair that reduces the glare on the water, protects your eyes, and doesn’t fog up. All in addition to keeping water out of your eyes and providing a good field of vision.

Goggle Lens Tints

As I mentioned in previous sections, I wanted to talk about the different types of lenses available.

This would help you as you become a more seasoned triathlete.

You might see other triathletes come to races with multiple pairs of goggles.

This helps triathletes prepare for the race. They can choose which pair of goggles to use based on the conditions of the water and weather on race day. And, they’ll always have a back up pair if one breaks.

In the following sections, I’ll summarize the different types of lenses available to you.

Clear Tinted Lenses

A clear tint has virtually no tint to it. You can see perfectly and other people can see your eyes.

The purpose is to let the maximum amount of light through the lens.

No fear, the lens does provide protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

This type of lens is best used in low-lighted indoor pools and an overcast day for outdoor or open water swimming.

The drawback is that the lenses don’t reduce any of the glare from the water.

Polarized Tinted Lenses

Best Triathlon Swim Goggles

Polarized tinted lenses come in a spectrum of colors but you’ll mainly see them having a “mirror-esq” dark color.

No matter the color of the polarized lens, it serves the same purpose: to reduce glare.

It’s ideal for open-water swimming since they are a versatile and adaptable lens.

You can wear them on overcast and sunny race days.

When you pick up a pair of these, be sure that the package says the goggles are both polarized and mirrored.

Some goggles are just mirrored without the polarized design.

Mirrored Tinted Lenses

Mirrored lenses are another type of lens that is good for open-water swimming.

They reduce the glare and keep the sun out of your eyes while you’re swimming.
And, you can expect that it will darken your whole field of vision.
However, unlike polarized goggles, mirrored ones don’t do a great job of reducing glare you get from the surface of the water. This can make it harder to sight buoys on the swim course.
This wouldn’t be ideal for a triathlon that starts early in the morning or one that has overcast weather.

Smoke Tinted Lens

Best Open Water and Triathlon Goggles

A smoke tinted lens is non-polarized but it works similarly to a mirrored lens.
It darkens the light like a mirrored lens would for outdoor swimming but it won’t be as intense.
This type of lens is best put to use in bright mornings with no clouds in the sky.

Colored Lenses

There several colored lenses available to you and I’ll describe a few below and what they’re best used for. Not all brands carry every color available so you’ll need to shop around brands.
If you’ve read our piece of cycling sunglasses, this might sound familiar. The color lens needed depends on what weather and water condition you’re training and racing in.

Yellow and Orange. The yellow and orange lens is best used for overcast and dim days in the water or on race day. This color lens enhances the light and the difference in colors you’ll see.
This would be particularly useful if you’re trying to sight buoys on the swim course.

Blue. The blue lens is a good one to keep around as a back-up or as your “go-to” pair.
It does a great job of reducing glare on those really sunny days and also enhances the blue in some of the waters you might swim in.

Red. Red lenses are great to reduce the glare on the water and also enhance the colors around you. This would be useful if you need to spot buoys on a swim course.

Prescription Lens Goggles

Best swim goggles for adults

Prescription lens goggles work like prescription sunglasses and your “everyday glasses”.
A select number of companies can create prescription lenses that have the same power as the lenses you use outside the pool or on the bike.
The prescription lenses come in a variety of colors but this will depend on what brand you choose from.

How to Take Care of Your Goggles

You’ll want your pair of goggles to last for a long time. After all, you don’t want to run to the store every couple of months.

Having said, there is a point where you must “retire” a pair of goggles. That means that they served their purpose and the anti-fog has worn off and nothing can make the lenses clear anymore. You can use them as a training pair or a third back up.

To make your goggles last longer, here are a few tips:

  • Save the nose bands if your pair comes with multiple ones. You can use the other ones as back up if one of them breaks. You can just replace the broken part.
  • Buy a pair of bungee cord goggle straps. This can help prolong the life of your goggles. The straps tend to break and using a bungee cord strap will save you a trip to the store. Bungee cord straps work well and last longer than the straps you get with the goggles.
  • Store your goggles in a safe place. After you swim, be sure to store your goggles in a place where they won’t get crushed in your bag. This can be an old glasses case or even an extra water bottle you have.
  • After you get out of the pool, rinse out your goggles with lukewarm water. This helps remove chlorine or any other harmful chemicals. This would be important if you have anti-fog goggles. Don’t use any type of soap or detergent which will do more harm than good. After rinsing off your goggles, air dry them in a flat position.

How to keep swim goggles from fogging up

Swim Goggles for Open Water

Even when you buy anti-fog goggles, your goggles will eventually fog up. And, it’s one of the most annoying things that can happen.
Especially during a race and you’re already nervous.
And, while you’ve heard of different hacks, here are the best ones that actually work.

Keep the Goggles Dry

After you’re done swimming, try your best to keep your goggles dry. This will help prolong the life of the anti-fog technology designed for the goggles you have.

Clean with Toothpaste

Clean your goggles with toothpaste between swims and then leave the toothpaste to dry. After some time, rinse all the dried-up toothpaste.

Your goggles should have a clear vision and smell nice after you’re done cleaning.
This method works for a couple of swims before you need to repeat the process.

And, to note, if you already have new anti-fog goggles, cleaning your pair with toothpaste will rid the goggles of the technology.


You may have picked up this trick from snorkelers, but spitting into your goggles does work. Or, if you don’t like spitting, you can lick your goggles and then dip them in water before you swim.
You’ll have to repeat this trick every time you swim, but it’s quick and easy.


Over time, your goggles will become foggy from grease and chemicals in the pool.
For this method, use a mild hand or body soap to clean the inside of the lenses. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly or you’ll get soap in your eyes while swimming.

Don’t use this method if you have new goggles with anti-fog film.

Anti-Fog Solution

You can pick up a small bottle of anti-fog solution from your nearest sports store or from an online retailer.
Just follow the instructions on the bottles and you’re set to go!

The method works very well, but you’ll have to use it often.


best swim goggle for triathlon

Roka R1 and TheMagic5, hands down, are the winners this season for the best triathlon goggles. Their durability and visibility are ideal for the various triathlete swimming environments. Although they are not as sleek as some other goggles on this list, they do reduce drag more by allowing swimmers a maximum field of visibility while maintaining body and head position. Add to that their flexible fit, comfort, and their hot looks, and any other goggles pale in comparison.

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  1. I live in Rehoboth Beach, DE & I’ve signed up for 2 Sprint TRI’s in June & September. This will be my 1st TRI. Please advise me on possible websites & or beginner help you can offer.

  2. I’m new to this whole tri thing (did my first sprint a couple weeks ago and have another coming up this weekend) and I’m hooked. However, I have a goggle issue. Nothing seems to fit my neanderthalish brow other than swim masks like the aquasphere vista. I thought I had a winner with the blueseventy vision, but the seal goes bad every time within the first hundred meters.

    Now, I don’t have anything against the swim mask I wear per se, but I know that the dork factor is pretty high with these particular goggles, and I’ve been told they’re slower. I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a more traditional goggle that fits really deep sockets, or at very least a swim mask that has a little better optics, as the smoke lens on my vistas just isn’t as dark as I’d like for open water.

    • Hi James,
      #1: Try Roka R1 or Tyr SpecOps 2.0 goggles. My friend has been blessed with the skull of a Cromagnon man, and the Roka R1 and SpecOps 2.0 work for him.
      #2: To hell with how you look. You gotta be comfortable when you race! If that means wearing a face mask, so be it!

  3. My vision is not great, but in the pool I can see enough, during races I can follow the crowd and the buoys are typically larger. But during open water training the buoys are smaller and I am typically alone so not having clear vision is frustrating. Is this something that people live with or are people using prescription swim goggles? Thank you in advance for any insight!

    • Hi Justin,
      If both eyes are similar prescriptions you can get next pairs that really helps: Speedo Vanquisher Optical Goggles or TYR Corrective Optical.


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