Best Triathlon Bags

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As a triathlete, organization is key to a successful and stress-free training and racing experience. That’s why our team of experts put the best triathlon bags to the test, so you can easily find the perfect one to fit your needs.

Triathlon Transition Bag

Being a triathlete requires a vast array of gear for all the different activities we engage in, from swimming to cycling and running. Keeping everything organized and in its proper place can be a challenge, especially during a hectic race day. That’s where a top-quality transition bag comes in – not only does it keep you organized and on track, but it also helps ensure that you don’t forget any essential items.

Best Triathlon Bag

Though a triathlon-specific bag is not a necessity, it can make a big difference in terms of convenience and ease of use. It also serves as a symbol of your dedication and commitment to the sport of triathlon.

When looking for the best triathlon bag, here are some key features to consider: a designated waterproof wetsuit compartment, separate pockets for race fuel, administrative items, tools, and water bottles, and comfortable straps. Additionally, many of these bags can be used for more than just race day – they are versatile enough for commuting, gym workouts, and swim sessions.

Finally, it’s worth taking note of airline cabin bag restrictions, especially for international travels. With the current trend of shrinking baggage allowances, some of the larger bags may need to be checked in, incurring additional charges.

The Best Triathlon Bags in 2023

1. Blueseventy Destination Bag

Blueseventy Destination Bag

I had the chance to test out the Blueseventy Destination Bag, a 47L bag designed to cater to all your triathlon adventure needs. It’s an update on Blueseventy’s legendary Transition Bag. In terms of functionality, design, and price, I’ve had a detailed look, and here are my insights and suggestions.

A key piece of gear that often gets overlooked is the transition bag – the one piece of equipment that carries everything else. A good transition bag isn’t just about storing gear; it’s about organizing it in a way that makes transition zones less stressful and more efficient. After extensive usage, I am confident to say that the Destination Bag by Blueseventy hits that mark perfectly.

The first aspect I want to touch on is space. With an impressive total capacity of 47L, the Destination Bag is aptly named, as it is designed to cater to all my triathlon travel needs. The bag compartmentalizes well, with a 25L main compartment for the bulk of my gear. This is more than enough room to store my wetsuits, towels, cycling shoes, running shoes, and any extra layers needed for changing weather conditions.

One of the most thoughtful features of this bag is the 12L bottom compartment designed to separate wet gear. As a triathlete, dealing with wet gear is an inevitable part of the sport. This compartment ensures that my wet items are kept separate from dry ones, avoiding unnecessary moisture damage.

Furthermore, the bag includes an expandable top pocket that can hold an additional 10L of gear, perfect for last-minute items or snacks. For the triathlete who is always teetering on the edge of having just a bit too much gear, this expandability is a life-saver.

The bag also includes two large stretch-woven side pockets. These pockets are perfect for storing water bottles and nutrition, making it easy to stay hydrated and fueled on-the-go.

As a working athlete, I find the laptop pocket in the main compartment extremely useful. The pocket fits most 15-inch laptops, allowing me to transition seamlessly from a training session to work commitments.

In terms of smaller items, the bag features four zipper pockets, ideal for storing keys, wallet, phone, and other essentials securely. There’s also a microfleece-lined pocket, perfect for items that need a little extra protection, like sunglasses or a phone.

Comfort hasn’t been overlooked in the design of the Destination Bag. The padded shoulder straps and foam back make it comfortable to carry, even when fully loaded. Additionally, the coordinated zipper pulls add an aesthetic appeal to the bag while ensuring easy access.

This bag is rugged and durable, holding up well even with frequent use. The reinforced bottle pockets are a nice touch, ensuring these high-stress areas can withstand frequent use.

The one downside of the Destination Bag could be its price point at $175. It is an investment, but in my opinion, it’s one that’s worth it. Blueseventy does offer free shipping, and payment plans are available, starting at $16/month, which might make it more accessible for some athletes.

Finally, the Blue70 Destination Bag is more than just a gear storage unit. It’s a trusted companion on epic adventure days, akin to a personal sherpa. If you’re a triathlete looking for a spacious, well-designed bag that can handle the rigors of triathlon training and racing, the Destination Bag is worth considering.

This reviewis based on my personal experience and might not reflect the experience of all users. But based on the positive reviews on the website, it seems many athletes share my sentiments. To conclude, I find the Destination Bag to be a superior combination of design, function, and style. It’s a piece of gear I wouldn’t want to be without in my triathlon journey.

2. ZOOT Ultra Tri Bag


This compact, well-organized triathlon bag is constructed of 600D nylon and 400D nylon polyester mesh in black and pewter. It has a molded, secure and protective helmet compartment and external compression straps to lock your bag in place. Its wetsuit or dirty clothing and gear section is a sealed compartment that is also removable. This model offers a convenient top pocket that is fleece lined with room for sunglasses and an MP3 player. A handy feature of this bag is its interior printed triathlon checklist to help athletes avoid forgetting essential items of gear. The newest features of this bag are its dual outside water bottle pouches and its reflective detail work for good visibility in dim lighting conditions.

With dimensions of 23.2 x 13 x 10.2 inches and weighing 4 pounds, this sturdy but easy to carry gear bag will satisfy the needs of triathletes in rugged terrain. A good choice for athletes who frequently travel to competitive events, this bag meets requirements as airline carry-on luggage. Along with the major divisions and compartments, this bag also includes multiple interior mesh storage pockets and pouches, providing you with a variety of storage places for mid-to-small-sized items. Its sleek, compact design also makes it a good choice for travel by train and bus and for driving in your car to a competition site with other triathletes. Sports enthusiasts find having two exterior water bottle pockets on this bag to be a great advantage when competing in hot weather or climates with dry, intense heat.


Since the tensile strength of nylon is greater than that of polyester fabrics, you can be confident that this bag will wear well due to its composition of 600D nylon. In fact, some fabric experts who tested various fabrics for levels of strength and durability for use in bag and backpack manufacturing have found that, in general, 600D nylon (often listed in merchandise tags as 500D) is approximately 1.4 times stronger than 600D polyester. To determine the real durability levels of fabrics, they must also be tested for abrasion resistance. When put to the test, 600D nylon proved to have amazing resilience during rough, rugged use with outstanding resistance to abrasion. This is why nylon is high on the list of military grade materials for gear manufacturing. As you can see, the ZOOT Ultra Tri Bag is quite durable since its primary construction material is 600D nylon.

Some athletes like to keep this bag packed and stored in the trunks of their cars to be prepared for unexpected calls from friends asking them to go running, swimming or biking after work. Others report that this triathlon bag is great for long-distance traveling to competitions or for leisure trips since its neat organization helps get you and your gear through airport security or customs smoothly, without extra questions of delays. Other sports advocates find this gear pack a bit large for carrying, but it is important to consider all that you can comfortably pack in the spacious and well-planned interior. Most athletes seem to give it high consideration among the best choices of the latest brands and models of tri bags.

3. Blueseventy Transition Bag

Blueseventy Transition Bag

I bought a long time ago the Blueseventy Transition Bag to assist me in organizing my gear for race day. My experiences with the bag have been nothing short of exceptional. So, I feel compelled to share a comprehensive review of the bag, its features, and how it’s improved my triathlon experience.

First off, I was pleasantly surprised by the bag’s compactness despite its ample storage capacity. With a 32L top compartment and a 12L wet compartment at the bottom, I find it ample enough to hold all my race-day essentials without feeling like I’m off on a multi-day expedition. As a triathlete who frequently travels for races, the fact that the bag meets airline carry-on requirements is a significant plus.

A distinguishing feature of the bag is its well-designed compartments. The spacious and organized interior allows me to neatly pack everything from my wetsuit to my nutrition and medical supplies. This ensures that I can quickly locate and grab what I need in the heat of transition.

One particular feature that I appreciate is the stretch helmet slot. The elasticized opening with a clip closure secures my helmet effectively, giving me peace of mind knowing it’s safe and protected.

My sunglasses and small electronics are well-protected in the micro-fiber pocket, while the reflective piping provides an extra layer of safety when I’m moving around pre-dawn or post-dusk.

Comfort is paramount when lugging around gear, and the padded, adjustable shoulder straps on the Blueseventy Transition Bag tick this box effectively. Even when fully loaded, I find the bag surprisingly comfortable to carry, and the padded back provides added support.

For anyone who’s dealt with the nuisance of trying to separate wet gear from dry, the bag’s wet gear compartment is a godsend. It’s perfect for storing my wetsuit, goggles, and even my tri suit post-race, effectively separating them from my dry gear.

The large mesh side pockets are ideal for water bottles and other quick-access items, enhancing the bag’s overall convenience.

The only suggestion I have for improvement would be the inclusion of a lower strap for added support when carrying the bag, especially when it’s packed to the brim. This feature, which was part of a previous model, would be an excellent addition to future models.

All in all, if you’re a triathlete looking for a reliable, spacious, and well-organized bag, the Blueseventy Transition Bag is well worth the investment. It’s clear that this bag has been designed with the needs of triathletes in mind, and for me, it’s a game-changer on race day.

2. De Soto Sport Transition Pack V8

De Soto Sport Transition Bag Review


This light, sturdy triathlon bag is made of 45 denier polyester with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) laminate and weighs just 2 lbs. It offers excellent resistance to water and moisture from humidity. Its TPU surface finish gives this Ironman transition bag the look of glossy patent leather, and its interior provides 4,000 cubic inches of gear packing space. This includes the expandable helmet holder. The bag measures 22 x 13 x 14 inches, and it has TSA approval for airline carry-on luggage acceptable for the overhead storage bin placement, minus the helmet.
This bag is available in three colors: Black with a grey and white interior; White with an interior of black, grey and white; or Cyan with an interior of cyan, grey, and white. The lighter colors for each bag’s interior make it easier for athletes to locate all gear quickly and easily. The wetsuit division is Black on all models.

The main compartment in this bag loads at the top and can be expanded to include the entire interior for a duffel-bag style if desirable. The helmet holder is external, and the vertical zippered opening at the bag’s mid-section offers good access to items stored at the bag’s bottom. Zippers are inverted and made of nylon for easy operation and have sturdy nylon pull-cords for convenience. There is an interior pouch at the back of the bag to hold a water bottle or hydration bladder if you like, and an external pocket is constructed with the capacity for a 32-ounce bottle. There is also a mesh holder with room for a liter bottle. This transition bag also offers a spacious external mesh pocket with a key ring loop inside to ensure safekeeping of all your keys whenever you are on the go.

This lightweight triathlon bag also includes an interior soft-lined fabric pouch for carrying goggles, sunglasses or other small essentials. For your comfort, this gear bag has foam ventilation at its back and a waist strap with a strong nylon buckle. The ergonomic shoulder straps are fashioned from thick foam for easy carrying when your bag is loaded for a triathlon competition. An additional convenient feature is the vertically placed daisy chain on the bag’s exterior. You can attach more straps for toting added gear such as a yoga mat, floor pump, extra shoes or a jacket. Whether you choose to use all the compartments and divisions of this bag for stowing all your triathlon gear, clothing and shoes or to open up the interior for use as a duffel-bag, this transition pack is well balanced and easy to carry, especially, with its thick foam ergonomic shoulder straps.

Some sports enthusiasts have reported using this versatile bag to pack sailing gear and gear for snorkeling and long-distance swimming. Others have found this bag used as a carry-on bag on airline flights or to take on hiking excursions. One father of young children reported keeping the varied sports equipment for all the different sports his kids enjoy packed in a De Soto.

4. Orca Transition Bag

Orca Transition Bag Review

Orca created its bag with a pocket for everything you could possibly need for a triathlon plus a few extras you decide to throw in last minute.

When you buy this bag, it comes with a protective helmet pocket, well-ventilated wet garment compartment, dry garment compartment. And, even a special spot to keep your electronics safe during the race. Open up the bag, and you’ll see it’s lined with green material to make anything you need easier to find.

This bag is a generously sized at 70 liters so it can carry everything you need on race day including your wetsuit, bike repair equipment, and even a floor pump if you wish.

The bag’s separate compartments don’t leak so you’ll be sure that your wet clothes and gear won’t get the rest of the bag wet.

There is a special spot for your helmet so you won’t have to worry about it bumping into something. The special pocket is at the top of the bag so it will be safe no matter where you end up putting your bag.

For comfort, Orca put thick padded straps so you won’t feel the burden of your gear’s weight. The straps can also help convert the transition bag into a carry-on bag for both your near and far races.

On top of being practically designed, the bag has some style to it. The bag has Orca’s classic black and white with reflective accents to help you see while you’re setting up in transition. And open it up to a loud bright green which will help contrast your dark triathlon gear.

Triathletes who have bought the bag are not disappointed at all. The quality and immaculate design of the bag is worthy of the price those people paid. The bag has stayed intact over the years so triathletes have come to depend on it race after race.

The hard area of the bag is great and keeps the helmet secure and safe from bumps and scratches during transition set up and tear down.
Most triathletes like the high number of pockets, but those who don’t forget where they put something.

The green lining of the bag actually does help triathletes trying to locate a necessary item and still aren’t fully awake yet for the race.
Some smaller triathletes say that the bag is really big and can be a bit of a burden to carry around.

The majority of triathletes say the one downfall of the bag is the bag’s inside space, the straps, and zippers. While the bag is large, it seems less spacious in the main compartment and only a few big items can be stored there. The straps, while sturdy, often get in the way of opening the bag and aren’t completely detachable. As for the zippers, they seem low-quality and won’t hold up well over the years.

I recommend this bag if you carry a few big items, which can fit in the main compartment but need more space for various small items you’re worried about losing. The bag is very spacious but the main compartment can’t carry a lot of big items as one would like.

If you have a hard time finding things in your bag, the green liner might help you. Your black gear will definitely stand out, especially early in the morning when you’re setting up in transition.
Be warned, this bag is really big so if you consider yourself petite, it might be too big for you.

5. ZIPP Transition 1 Bag

Zipp Transition 1 Bag Review

At first glance, ZIPP Transition 1 Bag looks more like a backpacker’s pack you’d take to Europe or South America. But it’s actually a comprehensive and well-designed triathlon bag.

Zipp designed its 56-liter transition bag so that you can get your things for your next race together. And, more importantly, know where everything is once you get into the transition area to set up.

Zipp’s transition bag has separate compartments that can efficiently carry clothing, shoes, helmet, and any other necessary items you need for race day. It’s a versatile bag that can convert to a from a backpack to a duffel bag. This might be a nice feature if you travel by plane to your races, or just want to simplify your next car ride to the races.

When you open up the bag, the center compartment has dividers to keep everything organized. This might help you avoid mornings when you dump everything out of your bag looking for something.

The outside of the bag has secure places to keep your helmet and separate your water bottles, clean and dry clothes in the outer mesh pockets.

There is even room in the bag to put your wet and dirty clothes after the race is over. The bag’s lower compartment is spacious and well ventilated. This avoids your clothes becoming smelly and that scent evading other parts of the bag.

The pack has an EVA top pocket where you can store all of the things you need at hand safely.

Triathletes who have bought it, all like it because it is comfortable, easy to use, and stores everything they need for race day. All like it because instead of opening the bag standing up, it’s laying down. That way you have access to everything at your fingertips.
However, there are some basic design flaws that came up while doing research.
The Velcro system, while a good idea, is actually extremely hard to set up. It sticks to everything making it hard to set-up the bag, to begin with.
The dividers are not well-cut so in theory, you can adjust them to your liking. They often stick out or don’t fit which makes it hard to zip up the bag.

The biggest flaw of the bag happens when it’s time to unpack everything. First, you have to unhook the bayonet fasteners, which hold your helmet. As soon as you do that, unzip, and open your bag, your helmet falls out of its mesh bag. This happens even if your bag is on the ground.

I am on the fence about recommending this bag. It has some really nice features, but there are some practical design flaws that were not thought out. For example, the dividers you have to assemble yourself. While it is nice you can adjust where they are placed, they are not cut well. You might have trouble zipping up the bag. The ventilated compartment actually works well and there haven’t been too many complaints about it.
The biggest one being that the helmet falls out every time you unpack the bag.
If you can somehow work around the flaws, then this bag might work for you.

6. TYR Apex Transition Bag

TYR Apex Review

The TYR Apex Transition Bag is a 40L backpack that can hold all of your essentials for your race in one bag. It looks a lot smaller than other bags reviewed. But, all that means is that you’ll have to carefully choose what you’ll bring with you on race day.

The design team created the bag so that you can easily find anything you need when you’re setting up in transition. There are many compartments to keep your gear organized any way you see fit. There’s even a laptop sleeve you can use when you travel for a race.

There’s even a lower wetsuit chamber which comes in handy after the race. You can keep all your wet gear isolated from everything else.

There’s even a compartment you can use for all your valuable and even phone if you take that into transition with you.

The Apex transition bag was constructed with a drawbridge style main compartment. When this construction is opened, it displays all your equipment before your eyes. You won’t have to dig around your bag. You can locate it and then put whatever item you need in its spot.

This bag is extremely comfortable so that you can easily carry your gear without bearing the weight on your bag, shoulders or hips. To start, the shoulder straps are comfortable and have extra padding. But, if you need it, the triathlon bag has an adjustable waist belt and sternum strap for more stability. And, it helps distribute the bag’s weight more evenly.

Triathletes who use the bag like it for its small zipper pockets, open compartments, divided sections, and separate dry and wet compartments. It’s easy for most people to organize and keep track of everything they need. There’s plenty of room in the bag for whatever triathletes need.
After packing everything, triathletes rave about how comfortable the bag is when it’s worn as a backpack. If you wanted, you could ride your bike from your car to the transition area.
The triathlon bag does come in different colors besides black. Some triathletes purchased the bag in bright colors and don’t have a problem finding their bags after the race.

I recommend this bag to anyone who wants a spacious bag with different compartments. This bag has enough big compartments to store your gear and even your wetsuit. While the smaller compartments hold all your smaller race day essentials such a body glide.

7. 2XU Transition Bag

2XU Transition Bag Review

The 2XU transition bag was specifically crafted for the triathletes who feel like the running is their strong suit. Don’t worry, nothing about the bag helps strong runners move faster. The transition bag is supposed to help everyone be organized for race day.

To start this review, I’ll mention that this transition bag can hold two large water bottles or four standard-sized ones. This feature might be important if you race long-distance triathlons and use multiple water bottles throughout the race.
In addition to these two generously-sized water bottle pouches, this bag has multiple pockets to store everything you need for a triathlon and any additional items you decide to take. Sometimes these other compartments aren’t so easy to access so be sure to pack your transition bag logically.

There is one compartment that is waterproof so you can store valuables such as your phones, eyes, and other fragile items.

The design time strategically placed a compartment on the front of the bag just for your bike helmet. This feature is convenient since your bike helmet won’t interfere with the other gear you need for race day.

One of the final touches worth mentioning is the waterproof pouch that comes with the bag. This pouch is perfectly designed to hold your wetsuit in a compact place. This makes race day even more simple, just bring one bag with everything in it.

The shoulder straps are comfortable and easy to adjust so you can easily travel with this bag without straining your back. The only problem mentioned is the mesh pockets. They are flimsy and can break if you try to pack too much into them.

Let’s talk about the function of the transition bag now.

Honestly, the bag was not made to be breathable, it was designed to be durable and versatile in use. The backpack is made entirely from nylon which does help its durability and it can keep some weather elements out.
It’s breathable on the areas for the shoulder straps and water bottle pockets. The material used in those areas wicks away moisture and circulate cool air.

Going on about the shoulder straps. These are made with nylon with additional cushioning materials for added comfort. The straps shouldn’t dig into your shoulders even while carrying all your gear.

To give you even more comfort, the transition bag has additional straps in the hip and upper chest area. This is intended so that the weight is evenly distributed throughout your body.

Unfortunately for some triathletes this transition bag only comes in one size and the design was for “average-sized” adults. If you fall on either the short or tall size of the average you might have some discomfort while wearing it.

As mentioned before, there are three compartments. One for each of the sports (wet suit, bike helmet, running shoes and miscellaneous). The wetsuit compartment, on very rare occasions, does leak, but this can be remedied. If you have a problem within the first year of purchase, 2XU will have you covered. They’ll repair any damage or even replace the bag.

Triathletes who have bought the bag have liked it, but don’t rave about it like a ROKA transition bag. This one gets the job done adequately and there are few complaints about the bag. Everyone who uses it likes how spacious the bag is. It doesn’t have dividers to help you organize your gear, but you can still find things if you pack logically. The only drawback is that the bag’s weight can be burdensome to some if it’s full to capacity.

Overall, I’d recommend this transition bag as a your “basics” one that you start with. There’s nothing special about the bag, but it’s not necessarily something you’d pass up. It can carry everything you need and keep it organized. However, it doesn’t have additional features like other bags previously reviewed.
If you decide later on you want a bag with more features, this bag can be used for other activities.
On rare occasions, this bag breaks down or the waterproof compartment leaks. But, overall, it’s a durable bag you can use for the beginning year of racing.

8. TYR Elite Convoy Transition Bag



This streamlined transition backpack makes triathlon travel and preparation easier for competitors. This gear bag’s sturdy metal frame and its super-strong nylon material have been well tested by athletes and recreation enthusiasts in many locations for strength, endurance and good levels of functionality. The bag’s design includes a roomy wetsuit division for storing your wet swimsuit, clothing or items of gear. There is thick padding to protect your lower and mid-back, and the design also offers padded shoulder straps with convenient lock-clips that are adjustable. This transition bag model includes a stretch mesh helmet holder in front.

The bag dimensions are 30 x 15 x 15 inches, it weighs just 2 lbs., and its weight is equally distributed for easy carrying. This innovative triathlon pack design offers three mesh dividers in the bag interior to effectively keep swimming, biking and running gear separate when packing for a competitive event. It has numerous inside pockets and pouches for carrying many different items of gear, as needed. The sizable wetsuit compartment is removable. A convenient exterior feature of this gear pack is its dual outside water bottle pockets and additional zippered pouches for stowing nutritional snacks and drinks with easy access prior to your competitions. Including all its many compartments, divisions, pockets and pouches, this modern gear bag offers triathletes 75 liters worth of packing space.


Although the nylon material used in this gear bag’s construction is soft, it is rugged, strong and made to last. The designers of this triathlon pack understand well that races can be won by fractions of a second, so they planned this transition bag to stay organized. It opens neatly, like a toolbox, with the gear, clothing and other items you packed still in place and ready for fast access and use. With your bag’s external water bottle pockets and snack pouches easily reachable, you can be revitalized and ready for the next phase of your race in no time. It is essential to always have nutrients and hydration within easy reach, and this gear pack’s design keeps all the items you could need right at your fingertips.
Many experienced athletes who discovered the Elite Convoy Transition Bag now say that this is the style bag they had wished for in the early days of their triathlon racing. They laugh now, remembering the earlier bags without adequate compartments, pockets, pouches or niches for separate storage of different types of gear. Often, essential items would become tangled together, requiring valuable time to separate and reorganize once these triathletes arrived at a race site. Many of these early gear packs were designed without wetsuit divisions or even a waterproof interior bag or pouch for carrying wet clothing or gear. There was no helmet holder and no place to store sunglasses, goggles or personal items like IDs, money, credit cards or keys. This lightweight, organized and easy to transport tri-bag reminds these sports advocates of how much the newer designs of these vital triathlon bags have to offer to assist racing competitors today.

9. ROKA Transition Bag

Roka Transition Bag Review

ROKA designed a top-notch performance triathlon transition bag for those who love the sport and want to make things easier in and out of transition.

To start, let’s talk about the capacity of the bag. It’s a 38-liter pack with multiple inner storage pouches and zipper pockets. All these little nooks are designed to hold anything you’ll need for your triathlon and any last-minute items.

Next, just to get it out of the way, I’ll debrief about the durability of the bag. This is something important if you want a long-lasting bag. The triathlon bag is constructed with quick finger loop-pull YKK zippers on the outside. And on the inside, pull-tab YKK zippers. YKK is a well-respected company that makes long-lasting zippers. These you can rely on to keep your gear from falling out of your bag.

Now, let’s talk about the small details that went into making this bag.

The bag is completely water resistant since it is made with HD 420 high-tenacity nylon with heavy PU waterproof packing. This would keep your things dry if it’s a rainy race day or starts raining while you’re racing.

This bag makes it easy to carry your helmet since it has an external carry system. It can accommodate all types and sizes of helmets so don’t worry about that. If you carry a pump into transition, you can also put it in the same place.

If you often add last-minute items to your transition pack, this bag can accommodate it. On the front of the bag, it has anodized aluminum utility hook to latch items there.

This bag isn’t flimsy and can stand on its own. You’ll have an easier time loading your gear in and the rigid frame makes it easy to carry heavy items.

If you need to carry two water bottles, the bag has expandable pockets that can fit the standard-sized water bottle.

If you travel by plane for any triathlons, you can put a laptop in a quick-access compartment. This would make getting through airport security easier.

Let’s say you’re walking a long distance or carrying your gear around the airport, you’ll want a comfortable pack. The back of the triathlon bag has a compression-molded ergonomic back panel, so your back won’t bear the weight of your load.

While all these small details make the bag great, what really counts is how the inside is set up.

The bag has three zippered interior compartments with removable Velcro walls so you can customize the interior. Don’t worry, the Velcro walls are sturdy and will keep any fragile items you store safe and undamaged.

Whatever you frequently need, there’s a compartment for that. Right on top of the bag. There you can store your goggles, wallet, keys, identification, etc. You won’t have to dig around your gear looking for anything. Just put what you need up front.

This bag comes with an extra bag for your wetsuit. You won’t have to carry two bags into transition anymore. The wet/dry bag is 100% waterproof and can fit any wetsuit in it. This bag rolls up and can be slotted into any of the three interior compartments.

When you’re ready to unpack your bag, it comes fully unzipped and lays flat out to give you easy access to all three compartments. If you often get nervous about setting up in transition, this will make it easier. You can see what you need, set it up, and slowly relax before the race starts.

Triathletes who use this bag love it. It’s easy to use and helps keep their many pieces of gear organized on race day. The wet/dry bag holds the wetsuit as advertised, but it doesn’t have the best drainage system. Triathletes say it’s best to keep the wetsuit out until it dries before putting back in it.
Those who travel far to get to their races love that the back of the pack is well-designed. It doesn’t bother their backs, and it can easily hold a heavy load if needed.

Overall, I highly recommend this triathlon bag. It’s made by ROKA so you know you’ll get a high-quality and well-designed bag. ROKA really thought about how to make traveling to triathlons and racing easier for you, no matter your “veteran status”. You can fit everything you need in one bag the night before and just grab it and your bike the next morning. You’ll be all set.

10. Speedo Tri Clops Backpack

Speedo Tri Clops Transition Backpack Review


This spacious, 50-liter bag has a unique three-head triathlon pack and zip system. This well-organized bag has separate pockets to hold footwear for both cycling and running. It also includes a fleece-lined compartment for swim goggles and sunglasses. This triathlon bag design also offers space for hydration plus a brand trademarked dirt bag for separating clean, wet and dirty items, as needed. Weighing just 3.06 lbs. before loading, this contemporary design in triathlon transition bags has an ergonomic, three-dimensional, molded rear panel for enhanced airflow for good ventilation. It is also equipped with 3D shoulder straps that are molded, padded and perforated to provide adequate ventilation.

This multisport gear bag enables triathletes to stay organized during training and practice sessions as well as during triathlon competitions. It is specifically designed and manufactured to provide room for carrying virtually everything you will need to stay organized and perform well in all three events. With dimensions of 25.5 x 16.5 x 14 inches, this bag has soft, comfortable hip belts that conform to your body to secure your gear bag firmly. The bag’s zippers are top quality YKK for durability and complete closure.

The hydration area of your bag includes space for a convenient ambidextrous hydration port. The attractive, all-around piping on this bag design offers good safety visibility while providing extra reinforcement for the bag’s exterior.


This triathlon backpack is made of lightweight yet durable and sturdy 100 deniers double ripstop nylon. This material can withstand the wear-and-tear of frequent heavy-duty use by athletes while traveling to and from and competing in triathlon events. The flexibility of this fabric plus this bag’s expandable bottom section allows you to carry large, bulky times with irregular shapes like oversized hydration bottles, containers of sunscreen, extra goggles and sunglasses or packages of fast-energy, natural snacks and sports supplements. In some climates and at different times of the year, you will also most likely need to pack extra jackets, shirts, shorts and elasticized knee, ankle or elbow bandaging or braces for reinforcement or support during competitions. Carrying a small first-aid kit is also advisable for covering scrapes, minor cuts, and abrasions.

Although this bag is specifically designed for use by serious triathletes for training and competitive events, many other people regular use of this brand and model. For example, this triathlon backpack is often bought by people who need an extra bag when traveling. With its compact, but spacious design, this durable, sleek bag makes a good, lightweight carry-on bag on airline flights. Some athletes who like this bag for carrying daily workout gear and regular gym exercisers find it meets their needs for a gym bag, too. Even moms with young children who like to spend most of the day out-of-doors in good weather choose this triathlon bag for carrying snacks, water, toys, swimsuits and extra clothes for the kids.

Triathlon Bags — Buyer’s Guide

The best current brands and styles in triathlon bags have easy-access compartments that will hold all your personal items of equipment and gear needed to participate in each segment of the event. When your gear is well-organized and closes at hand, you can stay better focused and calmer, ready to excel in all three events of your demanding yet rewarding competition. With the use of the carefully structured, separate divisions in your transition bag, you will also be reminded to carry only what you need for competing well in each sport. You will automatically leave any extra items or excess baggage at home, streamlining and simplifying your list of essential items of gear to carry to the event. The best triathlon bags are also designed to distribute the weight of your gear as evenly as possible to prevent muscle stress and strain before your competition begins.

When shopping for the ideal triathlon bag to suit your style and meet your specific racing needs, consider each bag’s main features and capacities. For example, if your triathlon events include swimming, running and biking, but you also compete in many swimming meets as single-sport competitions, go for a gear bag with optimal space in a water-tight wetsuit compartment with a good drainage system.

best triathlon backpack reviews

If you are heavily into track events and biking races, be sure to select a gear back with adequate storage pockets for at least two pairs of shoes. No matter what sport is your primary focus, a gear bag that offers plenty of hydration storage room is essential. Whether you focus mostly on water sports, track events and long distance runs or various types of biking events, you will always need a bag with enough pockets, pouches, and nooks to carry multiple bottles of water, juices, and electrolyte-boosting liquids.

You also want to examine different tri-bags carefully for strong, durable construction, materials and workmanship before making your buying choice. The best gear bags for dependable, long-term wear are those manufactured from 600D nylon, which is used to make various types of military gear. You also want a bag that is well-balanced and easy to carry when fully loaded for travel to a triathlon site or other sports event.

Brightly colored, reflective piping, shoulder straps or stripes are also important when racing or traveling late in the day or in dimly lit areas. Most triathletes give high ratings to gear bags with plenty of interior and exterior pockets and zippered pouches, including a fleece-lined pocket for sunglasses, goggles, cell phone and MP3 player. Also useful are gear bags with a small interior zip-pocket for safekeeping of keys, money, credit cards, personal ID and other important items.

Features and Functions to Consider When Shopping for a Triathlon Bag

Before you purchase a new triathlon gear bag, be sure to take time to consider which bag offers you ultimate quality and the following essential features and functions:

Long-Term Durability

What triathlon bag offers the most reliable long-term durability? Although athletes may give different answers to this question, some gear bags do offer definite proof of long-term use and durability based on the materials they are made of. For example, all five bags discussed above are manufactured of sturdy, rip-resistant nylon, except for the De Soto

Spacious Zip-Pockets and Removable Wetsuit Compartment

Does your favorite brand and model of triathlon bags include enough zip-pockets and a removable wetsuit compartment? Most all modern style gear packs designed for triathlon use have plenty of zippered pockets and roomy pouches for storing myriad types of gear, clothing, lotions and countless miscellaneous items.

Although some bag designs bring complaints from users that the dual-pair shoe pocket and compartments hardly allow room for both pairs, almost all gear bags today are designed to carry athletic shoes for biking and running. Most modern tri-bags also have wetsuit compartments. However, some bags draw criticism for lack of good drainage for the wet compartment, and some bags do not have removable wetsuit units. The Blueseventy Transition Bag discussed above has been noted as lacking both good wet compartment drainage and a removable wet unit.

Easy Packing and Good Organization

Best Triathlon Backpack

How does your choice of triathlon gear packs rate for easy packing and excellent organization? The Speedo Tri Clops Backpack, the ZOOT Ultra Tri Bag, and the TYR Elite Convoy Transition Bag have all won high praise for their great designs for gear organization and easy packing. Their pockets and divisions are well-structured and placed, with adequate space for convenient packing of all essential items plus extras.

Comfortable Handling and Carrying

Are you choosing a gear bag that offers comfortable handling and carrying? Most of the triathlon packs described above offer excellent degrees of comfort for handling and carrying when loaded with race gear. However, some users of the TYR Elite Convoy Transition Bag report some discomfort with the back frame pressing against the user’s backbone when loaded for carrying. Some bag owners also expressed the desire for a larger waistband for added comfort.

Well-Attached Reflective Features for Good Visibility

Does the gear bag of your choice offer secure and bright reflective features? All the modern triathlon gear bags discussed above feature strongly attached, brightly colored reflective features for good visibility of racers late in the day or in dimly lit locations.

Triathlon Bags FAQs

Which triathlon bag will most likely provide the best long-term usage for busy athletes?

For the long-term haul including regular daily gym workout use and steady travel to triathlon competitions, your best bet is to purchase either the Blueseventy Destination Bag or the ZOOT Ultra Tri Bag due to their extra-durable nylon material and sturdy construction.

What is tri bag for racing gear the most lightweight?

Both the De Soto Sport Transition Pack V8 and the Blueseventy Transition Bag weigh-in at just 2 lbs. each. Both offer many other quality features and capacities, so the choice is yours, according to your preferences and needs.

Which triathlon bag will keep athletes the best organized at competitive events?

Although all of the gear bags discussed above offer excellent organizational designs and features for keeping you well-organized while you compete at triathlon events, the Blueseventy Destination is praised for its design to open readily into a convenient relay station to keep you well-organized throughout your triathlon events.


In conclusion, a good transition bag is a crucial tool for every triathlete. It not only helps keep you organized and on track during a race, but it also serves as a symbol of dedication to the sport. When searching for the best triathlon bag, consider features such as a designated waterproof wetsuit compartment, separate pockets for race fuel and tools, comfortable straps, and a compact design that meets airline cabin bag restrictions. Blueseventy’s transition bag, for instance, offers all these features and more, including a durable and water-resistant design, an external carry system for your helmet, and a customizable interior with Velcro walls. Additionally, the bag comes with a 100% waterproof wet/dry bag for your wetsuit, making it the perfect choice for any triathlete who values convenience and ease of use.

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